The end of 2013 was enjoyable but difficult. It seems like every season is full of opportunity and a chance for us to take up our cross and do what’s right.  I’ve been pressing in to the reality that we are not meant to be comfortable…our journey is meant to be beautiful, but not easy, full of love and joy, but also self denial and hard obedience…not because God is hard but because our flesh is rebellious. I pray that the path you’re on leads to the cross…that is leads you beside still and quiet waters and that you find Jesus in the process.  I recently completed a watercolor of a path in the Seagar Woods in Grandview, MO. I’ve walked this path in every season, and in every season it’s beautiful.  I’ve also attached a scratchboard of a drying sunflower. I’ve posted this one because it represents overcoming fear. I’ve carried that scratchboard with me for over 10 years, never knowing what to paint on it and being afraid to ruin it. I finally decided to use it at the risk of failure…I know it sounds lame, but this process dealt with some core fears in my heart…the biggest one being the fear of failure.  My mom was here of the New Year holiday and she loved the picture so I gave it to her…Personally, I said good by to the fear of failure and 2014 will be one of adventure and taking risk even if I fall flat! I pray your 2014 is full of adventure as well!